Industry knowledge and experience working together for you.

Innovative Solutions

Biosonix is co-inventors of 13 US patents specific to the technologies we use in our products.

Acoustic Engineering

We utilize a range of design, modeling, and analysis tools used in acoustic engineering to fine tune our devices.

Software & Firmware Design

We develop the electronics, software, and firmware needed for a variety of embedded systems. This firmware is specialized software running on a chip and controls the system's hardware functions. Our engineers understand the complex interfaces between hardware and software.

Analog Circuit Design

Analog Circuit Design is essential for immediate reaction, fine resolution, or high power applications. Biosonix engineers have proficiency working with low signal, wide bandwidth, and high power analog development.

Digital Circuit Design

Digital Circuit Design enables equipment to switch into one of a number of known states to accurately reproduce a range of values. Biosonix engineers have the skill set to hone in on these frequencies for optimum performance.

Circuit Board Layout

With our unique design and engineering expertise, Biosonix is able to manufacture and assemble circuit boards to the exact specifications of the devices they control.

Tooling & Fixture Design

From part design and tool assembly layout to detailed tooling design and validation, Biosonix helps to simplify the entire tool development process. With our advanced functionality, and guidance we can design parts that become part of the solution within the tightest tolerances.

Quality Engineering

All Biosonix facilities are ISO 13485 certified.