Biosonix utilizes a number of cutting-edge technologies to design, develop and manufacture medical devices that are unique to their individual markets. Biosonix uses numerous applications to develop a range of medical handpieces from those used in surgical and therapeutic modalities to those used in other critical sensing needs. We’re confident that our experience, and knowledge in the ultrasonic space supports further development of additional sensors, applicators, and industrial test equipment for your device requirements. Biosonix operates using CAD design, fixturing and in-house machining, to help cut down on having to source outside suppliers and improve product development timelines.

We design and manufacture reliable and accurate ultrasonic sensors for your medical fluid delivery systems. Our experts have many years of experience in designing sensors that will meet your system requirements while providing proven technology that will satisfy your product needs.


Biosonix specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of surgical and therapeutic devices. Our engineers have expertise in medical systems using both high and low power ultrasonic devices and have designed products for many medical applications where ultrasonics, fluidics and aspiration are critical to the success of the device. Biosonix also combines this knowledge with a strong design team for creating ultrasonic driver boards to complement the handpieces.


Our additional services in the design and development process of a customer's project include prototype driver boxes. Our engineering staff also has expertise in common fluid delivery requirements such as system control drivers, user interfaces, and displays. In addition, we offer full injection molding capabilities for your sensor, handpiece, and system enclosure needs.