Complete Medical Systems/Sub-Assemblies

Biosonix has the capacity to design, develop and manufacture a wide range of medical housing and fluid delivery systems. These devices are critical in many medical procedures for monitoring and administering a variety of therapeutic treatments and therapies.
Prototype Driver Boxes

Through the expertise of the Biosonix engineering team, we provide not only the ultrasonic driver board but also a complete solution for your prototype system needs. This system is designed to meet your custom needs such as full enclosures, foot switches, power control, user interface displays, push-button controls and medical grade power sources. We can also interface a pump into the system for fluid delivery within the ultrasonic device.

Fluid Delivery Systems

The Biosonix engineering team has used its hardware and software expertise to provide design and development support to multiple fluid delivery systems. If you are designing a fluid delivery system requiring sensing, motor control, and pinch valves - and firmware to control it all - contact Biosonix for assistance with your project.